Staff Monthly Performance Measurement/Assesment


It has been globally acknowledged that, “what gets measured, gets done.”

In line with this global saying, we have instituted a monthly performance measurement forum for teaching and non- teaching staff of the college. So that at the end of each month a teacher is made to appear before all the college community to tell them about his/her syllabus for the term; how far he/she has covered them, challenges encountered and solutions preferred.

This strategy of performance measurement we believe is critical because issues are looked at as they unfold, analyzed and diagnosed and solutions are proffered to challenges as identified.

In this way, activities in the college are always kept alive and challenges are never allowed to over whelm the proper administration of the college. After all it is always emphasized that “strategy is what translates vision into reality” and when you monitor progress and provide feedback loop, then you would attain excellence. At KMC we also keep/maintain high standard by providing timely constructive feedback to drive progress and checkmate events when they go wrong.


Staff Development

At KMC we believe that, “an educator/teacher is the one whose duty is not only to impact knowledge and skills on the minds of students and bring out the talent a student already possess but helps the student take control of his life”

It is in realization of this that, we take teachers training and re-training as very important and have integrated it into our school system, because a teacher as an educator of skills and knowledge empowerment can only give what he possess.

Training and retraining of the teachers through workshops, seminars etc. is also critical because in this knowledge based economy where things keep on changing, you need to re-tool your teachers with the new ideas that is happening in the world so that they do not become archaic and go with the dynamics of the changing world. In this way, all the school community benefit.

"At Khadija Memorial College (KMC), we believe that, a combination of theoretical and practical approach to teaching, is perhaps one of the most efficient ways of transmitting knowledge to our pupils/students, using a standard curriculum focused on science and technology, humanities and allied subjects. That would meet the needs of our 21st century." KMC DIRECTOR 

April 2018



My kids had a wonderful time with you. Thank you. Abubakar

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"At Khadija Memorial College (KMC), we believe that, a combination of theoretical and practical appr…

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